Dogsled Ride Pricing

If your dogsled ride adventure will be part of a budget, you will likely want to choose a kennel based partially on the cost. Use the pricing information here with a grain of salt. Keeping sleddogs healthy and fed all year is very expensive. Many sledding kennels must also haul their dogs to and from the trail. Fuel costs and truck maintenance are also not cheap. Other factors that influence the cost of your dog sled ride are the level of service provided, the amount of furnished gear, and the cost of any meals that are provided. With that in mind, here are the prices:

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  Shortest RideLongest Ride
Kennel NameLocationPrice/personTrip LengthPrice/personTrip Length
Krabloonik KennelsUnited States, Colorado$ 2252 hours$ 2952 hours
Hastings Huskies & HorsesUnited States, Minnesota$ 2251 hour$ 3953 days
Alaska Best WildernessUnited States, Alaskan Bush$ 752 hours$ 337512 days
Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing and AdventuresUnited States, Michigan$ 753 hours$ 4502 days
Crazy Eights KennelUnited States, Alaska$ 501 hour$ 1003 hours
Lucky Cat Dog FarmUnited States, Colorado$ 1251 1/2hrs$ 1503-4hrs
Mountain Musher DogsleddingUnited States, Colorado$ 1652 hours$ 1652 hours
Durango Dog RanchUnited States, Colorado$ 954 hours$ 02 days
Husky ExpressUnited States, Nevada$ 1001$ 1001
Dogsled ExpressUnited States, California$ 501 hour$ 3758 hours
Mahoosuc Guide ServiceUnited States, Maine$ 175Full day$ 340010 days
Spirit of the North KennelsCanada, British Columbia$ 751 hr$ 1252 hr
Gunflint LodgeUnited States, Minnesota$ 581 hour$ 98Half day
Bush Alaska ExpeditionsUnited States, Alaskan Bush$ 3504 Days$ 3502 weeks
Denali Dog Sled Expeditions at EarthSong LodgeUnited States, Alaska$ 1251 hours$ 670010 days
Gold King CreekUnited States, Alaska$ 302 hours$ 65Full day
IdidaRide Sled Dog ToursUnited States, Alaska$ 341.5 hours$ 2493.5 hours
Eden Mountain LodgeUnited States, Vermont$ 991 hour$ 1503 hours
Sun Dog Express Dog Sled ToursUnited States, Alaska$ 201/2 mile$ 4953 day mush camp
Continental Divide Dogsled AdventuresUnited States, Wyoming$ 1202 hour$ 21005 days
Spirit of the North Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Montana$ 952.5 hrs$ 952.5 hrs
White Wilderness Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Minnesota$ 1401/2 day$ 16956 days
Western Maine Siberian Husky Rescue / Bear River Mushing Co.United States, Maine$ 251/2$ 1006 hours
Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Alaska$ 601/2 hour, 5 miles$ 05 days
Run Silent Dog Sled TripsUnited States, Minnesota$ 130Half day$ 165Full day
A Wilderness Haven ResortUnited States, Wisconsin$ 251/2 hour$ 100Overnight Trips
Thunder MTN. KennelUnited States, New York$ 105 min$ 1251 hour
Klondike Dreams Sled Dog ToursUnited States, Montana$ 201 hr Kennel Tour$ 752 hr Tour/Ride Combo
Katahdin Valley OutfittersUnited States, Maine$ 401/2 hour$ 9503 days
Wolfsong Adventures in MushingUnited States, Wisconsin$ 1552 1/2 hours$ 2654 hours
Aurora Borealis AdventuresSweden$ 851 hour$ 371510 days
WaldschratGermany$ 501 hour$ 8294 hours
Song in the WoodsUnited States, Maine$ 175short day$ 200multi-day
White Wolf Wilderness ExpeditionsCanada, Ontario$ 504 hours$ 120010 nights
Snowyridge AdventuresUnited States, Minnesota$ 100One Hour$ 0
Cairngorm Sleddog Adventure CentreGreat Britain, Scotland$ 756 miles - 1 hour$ 3006 hours
Axehandle MountainSweden$ 2515 minutes$ 22008 days
Paws for AdventureUnited States, Alaska$ 6020-30 min.$ 05 night/6day
Wolf Within AdventuresCanada, Ontario$ 1751 day$ 15808 days
The Silent Way Dogsledding AdventuresSweden$ 76Half day$ 376416 days
Winterdance Dogsled ToursCanada, Ontario$ 2020 minutes$ 0
Chocpaw ExpeditionsCanada, Ontario$ 1251/2 day$ 021 days
Howling Dog ToursCanada, Alberta$ 982 hour$ 2204 hour
Maddogs & EnglishmenCanada, Alberta$ 871 1/2 hours$ 03 - 4 days
Wolf Lodge AdventureSweden$ 121/2 hour$ 201hour
Spirit Lake TrailsUnited States, Wisconsin$ 0$ 2105 Hr + (Flexible)
WindWalker ToursUnited States, Colorado$ 1601 hour$ 1601 hour
Pawtuckaway KennelUnited States, Ohio$ 501 hour$ 03hrs
Finn-Jann HuskyfarmFinland$ 501 hour$ 150010 days
Uncommon Journeys Ltd.Canada, Yukon$ 754 hours$ 565010 days
Wild 'n' Rest AdventuresCanada, Yukon$ 501 hour$ 19506 days
Alaskan Husky ToursNorway$ 2001 day$ 8003 days
Muktuk Kennels & Sled Dog ToursCanada, Yukon$ 1852 hours$ 460010 to 12 days
White Mountain Sled DogUnited States, New Hampshire$ 751/2 hour$ 3503 hours
Absaroka Dogsled TreksUnited States, Montana$ 110 2 Hour$ 300Full Day
Chugach OutfittersUnited States, Alaskan Bush$ 351/2 hour$ 2003 -15 days
Sundogs Sled ExcursionsCanada, Saskatchewan$ 501 hour$ 15005 days
Hardscrabble Mountain Sled Dog ToursUnited States, Vermont$ 2520 minutes$ 1504 to 5 hours
Ahmic Lake-Woodland Echoes Resort & Ed SchmidtCanada, Ontario$ 701/2 day$ 199Full day
Wilderness AdventuresUnited States, California$ 95$ 95
X-treme Husky KennelsCanada, Manitoba$ 1520 min$ 150Full day
Snowy PlainsUnited States, Michigan$ 4530 minutes$ 1504 hours
Rob Roy Farm Sled DogsCanada, Ontario$ 351/2 hour$ 581 hour
All Seasons AdventuresUnited States, Utah$ 3501 hour$ 4501 hour
Wilderness Trail OutfittersUnited States, Michigan$ 751 hour$ 215multi day
Sporbryter SledehundkennelNorway$ 1601 day$ 22438 days
Barking Brook Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, New Hampshire$ 481 hour$ 3504 hours
Chenil la PoursuiteCanada, Quebec$ 2230 minutes$ 2582 days
3 Dog Night HostelUnited States, Alaska$ 851 hour$ 4502 days
Great North Woods Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, New Hampshire$ 2015 minutes$ 1001/2 day
Alaska Snowdancers Dogsled Tours and FreightingUnited States, Alaska$ 551/2 hour$ 02 days or customize
Kawakanum KennelsCanada, Alberta$ 1003 hours$ 06hour/ 2 days
True North ExpeditionsUnited States, Idaho$ 1251 hour$ 02 days
Briar's Patch Sled Dogs LLCUnited States, Oregon$ 301/2 hour$ 225Full day
Algonquin Dog Sled AdventuresCanada, Ontario$ 1481 day$ 7385 days
Atii Sled DogsUnited States, Vermont$ 1252 hours$ 1703 hours or more
Snowrunner KennelUnited States, Maine$ 201 hour$ 1004 hours
Pristine Wilderness ToursCanada, Yukon$ 301 hour$ 23001 week
Prairie Isle Dog TrekkingUnited States, North Dakota$ 651 hour$ 03 days
Les CasaventuresCanada, Quebec$ 451 hour$ 6002 days
Becks Kennels Aurora Viewing and DogSled ToursCanada, Northwest Territories$ 401/2 hour$ 0Multi-day trips
Summer Place KennelUnited States, Wisconsin$ 351/2 hour$ 1254 hours
Expeditions RadissonCanada, Quebec$ 1504 hours$ 5002 days
Mornington Crescent Sled Dogs ( States, Maine$ 1503 hours$ 200Full Day
Seal Cove KennelUnited States, New Hampshire$ 1253-4 hours$ 1253-4 hours
Alpine AdventuresUnited States, Colorado$ 701 hr$ 2002 hr
Wintergreen Dog Sledding VacationsUnited States, Minnesota$ 125Half day$ 200Two weeks
Running CreekUnited States, California$ 3545 minutes$ 35Overnight
Northern Exposure OutfittersUnited States, Massachusetts$ 951 hour$ 12003 days
Husky Power DogsleddingUnited States, Maryland$ 1010 mins$ 1953 to 4 hours
Grizzle-T Dog & Sled WorksUnited States, Colorado$ 1502 hours$ 1502 hours
Adventure Source Dogsled ToursCanada, British Columbia$ 951 hour$ 5506 hours
Double T Iditarod Racing KennelUnited States, Colorado$ 3002 hours$ 3002 hours
Sirius Sled DogsUnited States, Alaska$ 1251 hour$ 6252 days
Wintermoon Summersun Sled Dog Adventures for WomenUnited States, Minnesota$ 751 day$ 4954 days
Clover Hill KennelUnited States, Maine$ 751/2 hour$ 1502 hours +
Hillside HuskiesUnited States, Ohio$ 1252mi$ 1755mi
Snow Buddy Dog Sled ToursUnited States, Colorado$ 1503 hour$ 3506 hour
Base Camp BigforkUnited States, Montana$ 852 hours$ 2000Multi-Day
Endurance KennelsUnited States, Minnesota$ 705 miles/ 25 mins$ 20024 miles/ 2 hours
Beavercreek Farm and KennelsCanada, Ontario$ 4030 minutes$ 200Full Day ( 6 hrs)
Adrenaline Dog ToursCanada, British Columbia$ 502 hours$ 250full day
Fallen Snow Dog Sledding CoUnited States, Maine$ 351/2 hour$ 200full day
Ellis Aurora HuskiesUnited States, Maine$ 201/2 hour$ 802 hours
Valley Snow Dogz LLCUnited States, New Hampshire$ 65$ 95
Cold Fire Creek DogsleddingCanada, British Columbia$ 8033 mn$ 1904
Les Expeditions InukshukCanada, Quebec$ 802 hours$ 1755.5 hours
Peace Pups Dog SleddingUnited States, Vermont$ 751 Hour$ 1252 Hours
Kingmik Expeditions YukonCanada, Yukon$ 401 hour$ 27 days
Nova GuidesUnited States, Colorado$ 145$ 145
Trail King KennelUnited States, Alaska$ 501 hour$ 30008 days
New England Dogsledding at the Telemark InnUnited States, Maine$ 50One hour$ 150One day
Northwind Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Wisconsin$ 1002 hours$ 2251 day
Escapade EskimoCanada, Quebec$ 2510 minutes$ 4902 days
Muzzys PlaceUnited States, Alaska$ 951 hour$ 0multiple days
Stoney Creek KennelsUnited States, Minnesota$ 3020 min, weekends$ 0full day
Aventures Nordik AdventuresCanada, Quebec$ 1202 hours$ 5002 days
Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel, LLPUnited States, New Hampshire$ 4730 minutes$ 225Full Day/Overnight!
Yellowstone Dog Sled AdventuresUnited States, Montana$ 02 hours$ 15002 days
Huskytown KennelUnited States, Alaska$ 351 mile summer$ 502 miles winter
Bark River Racing & RidesUnited States, Wisconsin$ 1252 1/2 hours$ 900Full Day
Shemhadar KennelsUnited States, Michigan$ 1251 hour$ 5004 hours
Great Northern Moose LodgeUnited States, New Hampshire$ 1501-3 Miles w/stay inc$ 3400100+ over 2 days 3 n
David MasonCanada, British Columbia$ 1256 km$ 1256 km
Rangeley Region Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Maine$ 751 hour$ 6006 hour
Fish River Lodge/Valley View KennelUnited States, Maine$ 1501/2 day$ 300Full day
Windrift KennelCanada, Ontario$ 5545 minutes$ 0Full Day
Husky Works Mushing CompanyUnited States, Vermont$ 1251 hr$ 0
Adirondack Kennel Racing Sled DogsUnited States, New York$ 6535 Min.$ 17590 Min.
Alaskan Arctic ExpeditionsUnited States, Alaska$ 802 hours$ 690021 days
October Siberians Sled Dog AdventuresUnited States, Vermont$ 1502 hours$ 0
M.U.S.H.E.R.S. Dog-Sled ToursCanada, Ontario$ 7545 minutes$ 2256 hours
Mush Mellow AdventuresUnited States, New Hampshire$ 1253 miles$ 35012 miles
Lady Luck KennelUnited States, Michigan$ 751/2 mile$ 1752 miles
KiwatchiUnited States, Minnesota$ 1001 hour or shorter$ 20012 hours
Apostle Island Racing and ToursUnited States, Wisconsin$ 1352.5 hrs$ 695Full day
Mountain Man Dog Sled AdventuresCanada, British Columbia$ 2001 hour$ 3002 hours
Drift Away Mushing AdventuresUnited States, Massachusetts$ 6015 minutes$ 3502 hours
S & L Arctic K9's Kennel & Training SiteUnited States, Michigan$ 751 hour$ 5004 hour
Lapplands DragSweden$ 8504 days$ 245011 days
Cotter's KennelUnited States, Alaska$ 16030 minutes$ 15001 week